Urban Therapy Project

In an era of Social Media overload, sadly people seem to be more isolated than ever, or at least that´s my feeling everyday when I go in the tube or the bus in the city I live, Berlin.

That´s why I believe this could be an fascinating art project for the Confused Movement, the idea is simple: invite people to go outside and listen to the others.

Recently on April 2, 2016, people from all over the world in several countries went to the street with a banner inviting people to talk and be heard for free…

The experience was so very great. So many new REAL friends, nice chats, nice meetings and of course a lot of fun.

So… I decided to try it again on April 30, 2016 but this time with more people and hopefully with more countries. So I need YOU!

If you want to take part on the next Urban Therapy Project – Global Edition, go to this Facebook event where you will find more info or you can just ask other people to do it with you.

Event Urban Therapy Project

I want to give a big hug and thank to all the people have been supporting this since the beginning!

Thanks to:

David Martínez, Francisco Montiel, José Morillo, Elia Torrecilla, Pablo Ben, Leti Lú, Bei Ta, Isabel Couchoud, Andreainwonder, Dani Wesr, MA_VS_KY