Rallitoxart. Chicken in my face test. London 2015.

After my New York experience

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1XzI…) I decided to make a serie called Chicken in my face test, where I compare and analyze the reactions of the people in different cities, when they see something that breaks their rational patterns or just can´t get what it´s about.

At the same time I take it as a personal experience where I can see how I feel when nobody understand what Im doing.

This piece can be reproduced by everyone. I would love to see what would happen if so many of people would start to do actions like this.

For me it was like a meditation. I could only see my feet and there was noise all around me. In New York was also so intense but not as much as in London, probably cause this time I walked throw more crowded places.

Location. Campden and Bricklane. London 2015
Material: Chicken, Duct tape, Gopro. Video camera.
Duration: 2 hours.

Thanks to Mart and Esmeralda Puerto.

The next city will be Berlin.



chickentest4 chickentest3