Rallitox – Introduction (Eng)

Instigated by a rebellious nature, driven by the urge to unveil the deceptiveness of contemporary society, Rallito X set out on a boisterous voyage in search of the ultimate freedom in creative expression.

Born in Barcelona in 1977, this self-taught creative found refuge in Berlin in 2011. Berlin is where Rallito X currently resides, allowing his inventiveness to roam freely through the realm of artistic media.

An emissary of chaos, Rallito X devised the “Manual of the Confused Movement”, dedicated to all of the oppressed ingenious souls. He is deeply engaged in his subversive quest, employing satire and criticism against the foremost suppressor, the invisible yet omnipresent, source of control. Nomadic in essence, anonymous to the vast public, this visionary artist continuously provokes the observer in public space and by the means of absurd, pushing his audience over the limit of comfortablness, into the inevitable reality.

Rallito X perceives his art as a weapon against both the rules of established art and conventions of today’s society. Emerging from the street art scene in his hometown, he developed a distinctive visual language, which he transfers from paper and walls into a performative experience. The monster-like figures he shapes in comic strips, drawings, paste-ups or on walls are always accompanied by significant textual messages, delivering the substance of Rallito X’s idea. Albeit strong in the sole visual form, the same message is further emphasized in his performances, living sculptures or installations, regularly conducted in public spaces, attracting large numbers of viewers and participants. By adding vitality, time, and a third dimension to his expression, Rallito X uncovers an entire universe of interpretation fitting his artistic concept perfectly.

Performance art by Rallito X rests upon a plethora of social issues, as it delves deeper into the plane of behavioral studies. Through utilization of ridiculousness, strong symbolism or known marketing tools the artist addresses some of the burning issues, which affect the [western] world today. Immigration, superficiality, politics, power and inequality are brought to life in a seemingly innocent interplay with the public, emphasizing a singularly interactive note of his style. Observers become direct participants in the performance, while their reactions and experiences evolve into the integral part of the piece.

Rallito X is not afraid to tear down the pleasant facades and put people on the spot. An ordinary person can find themselves literally walking across other humans only because they are labeled as “immigrants”, or taking a selfie with a senseless chicken-faced man. What surfaces as sheer human nature, all the adopted behavioral guidelines are cast away in an instant. Still, spirits are stirred up and daily routines are brought into question, as is the dominant, “normal”, way of thinking.

The focus of Rallito X’s artistic action is exposure of our firmly controlled societies. Starting from the premise that we are all coerced to abide the laws of our societies, the artist singles out control as the supreme opponent to the true freedom – the chaos. Chaos is the subversive frequency at which Rallito X willfully vibrates, aiming to inspire a confused movement as it spreads across the globe, seeing confusion of the mind as the fundamental route to freedom.