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From my book Phallia.The Confused Movement Manual
(Chaotic version)
Absurdism against the Morphological Idiotization

Our band of freedom has been gradually limited, and without realizing it, we have been held in a space where we believe ourselves to be comfortable and free, in which we have confined our capacity to create, to surprise ourselves, to leave our primitive side to take control of the reins …

Everything we do is encoded under an eminently practical prism, where everything obeys logical reasoning, forgetting that logic in itself is as false as the world in which we live.

The magic recipe that will endow your creativity, the recipe that will heal your crossed eyes, the recipe that will put in orbit your cerebral penises and will make you ejaculate mentally with joy is the absurd.

Do not pretend to understand the absurd, don’t even try to constrict it or alter it.

The absurdity is coherent in the False Reality and heals the eyes of those who are exposed to it …

And the Rebellator said …

“Coherence, control, order, reasoning and many other words, are pretexts for annihilating your free spirit.

You have forgotten who you really are and you let yourself be Morpholized by the Megaphallics in the false reality that you didn’t choose, and which now seems impossible to change.

Do not be intimidated by the impotence, you still have time to dissolve this cell that is burning you. Absurdize yourself against the Morphological idiotization.

Every time you carry out acts that even you, yourselves are incapable of understanding, a breath of fresh air disables all the cerebral penises that populate the world.

When you do things that others cannot understand you are opening your consciousness to another way of doing nothing.

If everything we experience is actually true, we do not have to worry about living this false reality, or worry about what other Phallicomorphics think, as they are longing too to escape from their “freedom”.

The absurdity is not understood, it is simply done.

Absurdity is the secret that keeps all the Ultraphallics erect.

The absurdity made by each one of us is a measure of resistance against those who seek to destroy the confusing movement, as it escapes from the rational control measures..

The absurdity develops creativity, as it requires us to go a step further in our connection with Chaos.

The more absurd, the closer we are to Chaos. The closer we get to chaos, the freer we can be in our false reality.

And that is why Chaos is always associated with negative qualities.

We have been indoctrinated to love what we understand, and reject all that escapes our reason.

Absurdize yourself because your life is essentially the height of absurdity.”

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